Investing in your JCRC lets us pursue an environment of fairness, inclusion and safety. With your support, we can mobilize the Jewish community on critical issues, amplify its voice in the public sphere, and respond rapidly to urgent situations. Your investment strengthens our capacity to build bridges around shared values and community concerns.

Thank you for your support!
JCRC Executive Director Paul Rockower, JCRC Associate Director Amanda Garcia, and the JCRC Board

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The Jewish Community Relations Council thanks the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix for processing contributions to the JCRC. The Jewish Community Foundation takes no fee for this service, and the JCRC will receive the full benefit of your contribution. PLEASE PRINT AND RETAIN A COPY OF YOUR EMAIL CONFIRMATION FOR TAX PURPOSES. No benefits or services have been provided in consideration for this gift.  The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix are 501(c)(3) organizations, the latter of which retains exclusive control over your contribution.

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